BONOTTOEDITIONS is born from the desire to create a microcosm unbound by time and trends.

The complete standardisation of forms, the sheer lack of diversity and the industrialisation of the objects surrounding us are the crucial points addressed by this project. The aim is to provide quality craftsmanship and innovation, without any limits of restraint. A contemporary vision and concept will be developed through technology and tradition. Unique and rare creations will become the archaeology of the future and will be increasingly present with the passing of time.

Taking its roots from an internationally known textile company, Bonotto Spa, BONOTTOEDITIONS employs the best materials and combines them in countless ways, offering extraordinary objects; the fabric and its endless variations create an absolutely unexpected world in the form of editions or small limited productions that define the company’s vision.

Amazing jacquards and precious yarns become the structure and the mainstay around which the objects are created, whether it’s garments or interior design items.

The fabric – our leading protagonist – gives up the role of mere embellishment to become the architect of a sophisticated play of design.

This concept of design highlights artisanal expertise even in its most modern connotations and creates links and connections between objects and subjects.

BONOTTOEDITIONS creates an imaginary that is detached from the usual conception of a collection; the project does not conform to fixed rules, and the products are not to be found on a shop window. The Editions are to be lived as experiences of research and innovation and are dedicated to those who can understand their value and make them their own.

BONOTTOEDITIONS is a platform where the love for excellence, craftsmanship and know-how play a central role, from which the developing synergies and collaborations within various fields of fashion, art and design develop. The project is founded by Giovanni and Lorenzo Bonotto (heads of Bonotto Spa) and creative director Cristiano Seganfreddo.